Got some questions? Our FAQs can help.

What experience with recruitment do you have?

Our team have worked in Human Resources and Recruitment for over 20 years in businesses including:


How do you do this for this price?

Traditional recruitment agencies charge a commission on the person appointed. This can range between 10% and 20% of the new employee’s annual salary. You only pay if someone is appointed.

We charge a flat rate fee for each element of the recruitment process you have us undertake for you. If you don’t end up hiring anyone you still pay the fee.

For this reason we recommend using us only if you are committed to hiring someone into your business.

Recruitment is easy, why should I hire someone to do this for me?

Recruitment is a highly specialised service which when done right can ensure the long term success of your business. Our team has this experience having recruited thousands of roles for Australia’s top employers in internal HR roles over the past 20 years.

It’s also time consuming. Hiring one team member can take well over 40 hours to conduct. Our service will save you time and increase the quality of the person you hire.

Can someone come out and see me to discuss your service?

We’re able to keep our prices low by not offering face-to-face sales and service support. We are available by phone on 1300 669 654 and email at

Where do you advertise our job ads?

The $147 plus GST option allows for advertising of your position on Indeed, Glassdoor and across social media. For an additional charge we can place your role on Australia premier online recruitment sites.

How do I book?

Click “Book Now” and book your drop in. You’ll be emailed after your booking is processed to get details of the job you have available and to start the recruitment process.